Elevator Lab ChallengeBosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia

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Raiffeisen Banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia are organizing a Regional Elevator Lab Challenge looking for fintech-startups with proven technologies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Serbia.

The program is organized through local competitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

What are the benefits?

The prize for winners of the local competitions is €5,000 each as well as the spot in the semi-final of RBI’s Elevator Lab Fintech Partnership program, where they will compete with winners from other countries.

Local startup winners will get a chance to compete in the final of the regional competition in Belgrade, where the winner receives the prize of extra €5,000.

The applications will be opened on the 19th of June! More info will follow here!


Who can apply?

The Program is open to fintech-startups that have at least minimum viable product ready and a committed founding team that consists of at least two roles (for example CEO and CTO).

The fintech-startups offering solutions/ technology for banks and financial services must be active in one of the following areas:
Advanced Analytics Artificial Intelligence, RegTech, Large Corporates Institutional Clients, Payments and Transaction Processing for Mobility Services, Banking, SME Banking, Cyber Security and FX Solutions.


What is the timeline?

The events will take place at the end of August and beginning of September.

Application phase open 19.06.-10.08.
Local-semi-final Belgrade: 27.08.
Local-semi-final Sarajevo: 29.08.
Local-semi-final Zagreb: 30.08.
Gala event: Belgrade: 03.09.