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Raiffeisen Banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia are organizing a regional Elevator Lab Challenge looking for fintech startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Serbia.

Details to the 2020 Regional Elevator Lab Challenge Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia program are coming soon! Below you can find the specifics form the 2019 program (already closed).

Your Benefits

The Regional Elevator Lab Challenge Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, is part of Elevator Lab, the group-wide international Partnership Program powered by Raiffeisen Bank International. Joining the Regional Elevator Lab Challenge can be a stepping stone to scale your business case up to an international level.

By applying to the Regional Elevator Lab Challenge you will jump start your idea and receive valuable feedback from relevant industry experts with the chance to present your company among other participants.

The program is organized through local competitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. Also, Fintechs from Slovenia and Montenegro are welcome to apply.

Local competition winner

  • €5,000 cash prize for winning the local competition
  • A possibility of developing a pilot project with one of the local banks
  • Placement in the Regional Elevator Lab final competition in Belgrade
  • Opportunity to integrate the innovation with the Raiffeisen Group’s banking systems and reach all 16.1 million clients

Regional competition winner

  • €5,000 cash prize for winning the regional competition
  • Presentation of the innovation to the local startup and business community
  • A possibility of developing a pilot project with one of the local banks
  • Opportunity to integrate the innovation with the Raiffeisen Group’s banking systems and reach all 16.1 million clients
  • Meeting with senior bank managers from all 3 organizing Raiffeisen Banks and Raiffeisen Bank International
  • Training for presenting the idea to business clients
  • Extensive media coverage
Abstract, EL Challenge Winner Serbia 2019
Worig, EL Challenge Winner Croatia 2019
Uhura Solutions, EL Challenge Winner BIH 2019

What we are looking for

The Program is open to fintech-startups that have at least minimum viable product ready and a committed founding team that consists of at least two roles (for example CEO and CTO).
The fintech-startups offering solutions/ technology for banks and financial services must be active in one of the following areas:

Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

  • Voice banking, voice assistants and voice biometry for CEE languages
  • Intelligent character recognition/ smart document processing beyond OCR
  • Biometry e.g. behavior/ gesture analytics
  • Omnichannel analytics/ digital marketing
  • Citizen data science tools


  • Regulatory compliancen
  • KYC process support & KYC depository (e.g. OCR/
    RPA/ AI/ text mining)
  • Strong customer authentication solutions & digital ID
  • Transaction monitoring/ supervision
  • Recognition & quantification of compliance/ operational risks
  • Product approval tools

Large Corporates & Institutional Clients

  • Digital platform solutions (especially digital onboarding, workflow tools, risk limit management)
  • Blockchain solutions for large corporates
  • Digital contract management
  • Treasury management solutions
  • Data analytics for corporate payments/ trade finance activities
  • Predictive Sales Signal Analytics

Payments and Transaction Processing for Mobility Services

  • Blockchain based micro payment transactions
  • Multimodal (public transport) payment services
  • In Car payments for mobility services

Retail Banking

  • Financial advisory solutions incl. investment
  • Beyond bank advisory
  • Hybrid advisory (e.g. customer service)
  • Social banking

SME Banking

  • Digital SME & freelancer banking
  • Financial advisory for SMEs
  • Value added services for SMEs (e.g. payroll services, automated accounting, invoicing & expense management, cash flow tools)

Cyber Security

  • Third party risk management
  • Insider threat recognition
  • Blockchain use cases for cyber security
  • Zero trust/ dynamic perimeter

FX Solutions

  • Automated FX hedging solutions for small amounts
  • Automated FX Advisory
  • Multi currency account infrastructure/ e-wallets
  • Real time payments
  • Digital & Fast Account Opening for FX Spot & Hedging

If you are a fintech startup, Elevator Lab Challenge is a highly valuable experience. Validating and shaping your idea with some of the best professionals from the banking industry is one of the key things in the beginning, and this is exactly what the competition enables.

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The applications for Regional Elevator Lab Challenge Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia start on June 19th. Followed by an internal selection process with the aim to identify the startups with the biggest potential, each country will have local competitions in Sarajevo, Zagreb, and Belgrade. Events will be held in the last week of August and the winners from the local competitions will be invited to the Gala-event in Belgrade on September 3rd where they will get the opportunity to present their solutions in front of the international jury.

Applications open

19 June – 10 August 2019

Belgrade event

27 August 2019

Sarajevo event

29 August 2019

Zagreb event

30 August 2019

Gala event in Belgrade

3 September 2019

Elevator Lab Challenge
Jury Elevator Lab Challenge

Elevator Lab Jury

Local competition jury – Zagreb

Local competition jury – Sarajevo

Local competition jury – Belgrade

Regional competition jury – Belgrade

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